The ADDICTION series demonstrates BOTH the ugliness and unmanageability of addiction, and the beauty and stability of respect and love. Each of the twelve works represents one area of abuse in our culture as conceived by the artist.

The twelve titles are listed here alphabetically: Click them to view the artwork.

..1. Abuse
..2. Addictive Eating
..3. Alcohol
..4. Apathy
..5. Distractions
..6. Drugs
..7. Gambling
..8. Peer Pressure
..9. Smoking
10. Unsafe Sex
11. Violation of Boundaries
12. Violence

The form, shape and size of the word NO are consistent throughout the series. The word NO itself, is simple, large, and speaks loudly. The NO is embossed into the paper, “fixed firmly in a surrounding mass.” Once the NO is applied, it becomes a permanent part of the piece’s fabric, texture and design. The NO represents a Higher Power, which ultimately becomes greater to the individual than the otherwise immutable addiction because of a surrendering of his/her will.

The mats’ and frames’ color and size are also consistent, stable factors, much in contrast to the changing, abnormal, and erratic shapes and forms in each design. Only the backgrounds are different, each one shouting out its own characteristic repulsiveness. A human being enmeshed in the “messy bog” of addiction, reaches a low point of pain, hopelessness, and desperation, and then cries out for help. Respect and love of self and others flood the soul.

After the idea of NO becomes a permanent part of the individual’s fabric, texture and design (body, mind, and soul) there is then room for saying YES to a daily life filled with love and positive action.

Renée Richard Ouellette B.F.A., M. A. E. © 2003


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