The RECOVERY series, as seen through the artist’s eyes confirms a rejoicing and celebrating of twelve disciplines where individuals can freely and constructively participate in positive action in our society. 

The twelve titles are listed here alphabetically: Click them to view the artwork.

..1. Art/Architecture
..2. Education/Lifelong Learning
..3. Environment/Nature
..4. Finance/Business
..5. Health/Fitness/Sports/Nutrition
..6. Law/Politics
..7. Literature/Writing
..8. Medicine/Dentistry/Research
..9. Music
10. Science/Math/Computers/Aviation
11. Society/Family/Community/Language/Relationships
12. Spirituality/Religion

The YES is presented as a mirror image demonstrating a resounding and reverberating statement.  The form, shape, and size of the word YES are consistent throughout the exhibit.  The word YES itself is simple, large and transparent.  The viewer can “see through” the word where the background is entirely revealed.  The YES is embedded on and within the collage using a thick sealer which “fixes the piece firmly in a surrounding mass.”  Once the YES is applied, it becomes a permanent, consistent part of the piece’s fabric, texture, and design as with the NO exhibit.  Ironically, the YES also represents a Higher Power as it does in the NO series.

The frames’ colors and sizes are consistent stable factors in each panel, symbolizing the consistency of the Power.  The backgrounds are paradoxically different but the same, each one demonstrating the richness and fullness of life in each community and the involvement of each individual in his/her chosen endeavor.

In these works, we see respect and love of self and others.  We see participation and fullness of life.  There is room for saying YES to a daily life filled with love and positive action when addiction is no longer in the picture.
Renée Richard Ouellette B.F.A., M.A.E. © 2004


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